Dad in Progress

Mar 21

At the waiting room. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time. She’s been over due and the arrival should be in a couple of hours.

At the waiting room. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time. She’s been over due and the arrival should be in a couple of hours.

Mar 05

38 Weeks

38 weeks and she is about to pop. Today, we went to the doctor for cautionary reasons. The baby momma hasn’t been feeling well so we had to make sure she and the baby are good. Anyways everything turned out well and the doctor said that the last couple of weeks will be miserable for the mom. All I can say is that I’m excited and I can’t wait.


So anyways on a different note I want to re-introduce myself. I feel like ever since I started this blog, I never really gave a bit of history of myself. Why? probably out of paranoia but as long as nothing too specific then it would be alright. So who is this “guy”?? Well I’m a blue collar college student that lives in Florida. I love punk and hip hop. I play the drums and I used to be in a band. I love art and I’m currently majoring in Graphic Design. I have a dog, shes a chowlab mix and she is the best dog ever. I love to cook and bake because I love to eat. I’m excited about the arrival and I really don’t care about anything else.

Feb 21

Baby Shower


So I went to my first ever baby shower a few days ago and it was quite entertaining. It wasn’t a huge crowd and all, just a small group of the moms co-workers. Granted I was the only guy in the shower but I had a great time. I’ve noticed the trend that if you’re having a girl, you’re almost certain that most of the things you will get will have something pink in it which is awesome. Played games, had a few laughs, ate pizza, watched Kill Bill (very baby shower appropriate). So in a way I was very happy that the mom got a baby shower ( I believe this is her second baby shower) and I got to experience it too as well. Less than 4 weeks guys and gals!

Feb 17

Let the bettings begin!!!

So I don’t know if I mentioned it before that the due date of my baby is March 18th. As we all know that babies don’t usually follow the exact delivery schedule so many people are predicting that it will be a late baby but I’m thinking it will be early (about a week). It’s probably because I just can’t wait. What do you guys think??

Feb 15

Random Thought

As much as you think you have almost everything ready for the baby’s arrival, it feels like its not enough. Feeling nervous and excited.

Feb 07


6 Weeks to Go!


I can’t believe the time went by really quick and only 6 weeks to go. It has been an interesting last few months. I know I haven’t been as active in my tumblr and I would like to apologize for that. In fact all I’ve been doing is school and work and in a way, I haven’t had any free time to update any of my social networking sites. Although I need to be back in the game because the phrase “no time” shouldn’t exist in my dictionary especially now the near arrival of my daughter. I can’t wait. March 18 guys and gals! The start of Dad in Progress will be on its way!

Jan 07

Thank You

Thank you for the inspiration

Thank you for caring

Thank you for standing up for me

Thank you for being strong

Thank you not giving up

Thank you for being there whenever I need you

Thank you for the motivation

Thank you for being the best father a son can have

I will miss you

Dec 22

Three months to go and time is flying

I started writing this draft about a week ago and was meaning to post it by the 18th but I just wasn’t able to do it. I was so busy with work that I barely touched my computer last week. I’ve used my Iphone more for internet than my computer :-p


Three months! can I say it again? THREE MONTHS!!! that’s how much more to go until the most precious beautiful amazing Emilene will arrive in our world. Can I wait? No I cant! Am I super nervous? Of course I am! The mom and I are about to embark on a new journey and I have a lot of things to learn. As a new parent, Why wouldn’t I freak out? Four months ago, I started reading literature’s about parenthood, I joined blog sites and I even started my own. But you know what? after all that I’m still pretty nervous because she hasn’t arrived yet. Its a good start though but none of that will matter until she arrives.

Now I haven’t been super active in my blog and I do apologize for that. However I do have my reasons and I’ll say this ahead of time, I won’t have as much posts as I used to at least for now. Here are a few reasons:

This doesn’t mean I won’t be posting anymore but for just the time being, it will be limited. I’ll still be active within the tumblr parent community but won’t be posting as much for the mean time. My posts should regularly resume after the arrival of the most precious beautiful amazing Emilene ( Did I say that already?? :-p) I love her, I love the mom, I love my friends and family and I wish everyone a happy holidays!!!

Dec 07

Generation 2011 - ?????

Growing up in the generation y category, I can say that it has been pretty interesting. Keep in mind I never really thought about what difference each generation has. My parents are Generation X (60’s- early 80’s) kids and lets see what crazy things happened that time: Vietnam War, hippie movement, oil crisis, AIDS epidemic, loan crisis, etc. Generation Y (80’s - 90’s) kids: Gulf War, oil crisis, AIDS epidemic getting worse, national debt increasing, etc. Generation Z (90’s - 2010) kids: Afghanistan/Iraq War, AIDS epidemic still there, Recession, Oil crisis, Hipster movement.

hmmm…in a way, each generation aren’t that different.

I’m wondering how my kid’s generation is gonna be like :-p