Dad in Progress the daily life of a soon to be dad and his experiences throughout the process of the pregnancy.
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  1. Read Me First

    Hello People,

    First I want to say thank you for visiting my blog. I am truly grateful that you guys are taking the time looking through my site and I hope you find it interesting and helpful. As the blog described, I am a soon to be dad and truly excited (and nervous) for whats coming and quite frankly I can’t wait. Just a short after creating this blog, I decided to put a little bit of rules and regulations here (yes like the ones you see in schools, institutions, churches,etc. but not as strict). Learning from previous mistakes, I want to make sure that the site stays clean and proper but honest at the same time. This is considered a parental blog so I’m sure parents out there understand.

    So here are a few things you should know:

    Cursing and profanity is a automatic no no
    I don’t mean that other parents out there can’t either. Go crazy if you want! I just wont allow it in my blog. This is out of respect for my girlfriend and the upcoming baby. So lets try to make it as PG as we can :-)

    All of my personal pictures will be watermarked
    I hate watermarking pictures. I think it ruins it but I have to cover my basis here and make sure everything thats mine is MINE so weirdos out there can’t take my pictures and create a fake family. This pertains to the pictures of people who are close to me. Every other picture that is not mine will be credited.

    I will not get into specifics
    The only person you’ll know by first name is me and the baby. No one else. Again this is out of respect for my family. You’ll just know them as “girlfriend”, “brother”, “sister”, “mom”, “friend” etc. you get the idea.

    I won’t talk about work
    Why? I didn’t create this blog to talk about work so forget about it.  I may talk about what happened at work but only related to the theme of this blog nothing else.

    My followers in this blog will only be Moms, Dads, Families, and anything related to the three.
    Sorry musicians, emo kids, and spammers. This blog is family specific and I have to stay with the theme. You can follow me but I wont follow you. However if your blog contains explicit material, you will be officially blocked by this >guy<.

    I love my family
    So please respect the blog

    Thank You for understanding!!!

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